Why Insurance Is Vital for Your High-Value Executive Vehicles?

Insurance is a means to protect your business to protect you from losses. Insurance for chauffeurs is specifically designed to cover drivers of luxury, high-value vehicles to carry passengers who expect a high class of service.


Traditionally chauffeur drivers are polite and discreet, smartly dressed in a dark suit wearing tie, boots, hats, and gloves. They will considerably open doors for passengers, will help their passengers in loading and unloading of their luggage and they have undergone additional driver training courses. A typical chauffeur/executive hire service does not have a base office instead they only offer pre-booked jobs offering their passengers with a limousine or executive type vehicle. These vehicles will either be pre-paid on an account basis or by credit or debit card.

If you’re running a chauffeur business that is more often to carry passengers on a contract basis in a higher value vehicle you need to look for Chauffeur Insurance policy that is tailored specifically to your business. This will keep you hassle-free about replacing your vehicle at a cost that could affect your business.

Why you need Insurance for your Executive Vehicle?

If you are the owner as well as the of an executive hire vehicle, with the passing days running costs of your vehicle can be expensive. This is why insurance for your chauffeur car is vital for your business. Without an appropriate cover in place, the costs could have a massive impact on your business’ finances when you need a high-value executive vehicle. Hiring a specialist chauffeur insurer, you are guaranteed to get a fully licensed replacement vehicle that seems attractive to many taxi and chauffeur service providers.

Airport pickups, corporate travel, wedding car hire, and various other chauffeur businesses commonly use executive vehicles such as Mercedes’, Bentley’s, BMW’s and other executive vehicles which make the need for the right insurance policy even more important.

How Insurance is important for your Executive Vehicle?

As a driver of any vehicle, the need to be protected is the essential requirement. Critically, when you are driving a high-value executive vehicle, ensuring that you’re comprehensively covered becomes even more important. If you do not have a chauffeur or executive hire insurance, your high-value vehicle won’t be fully protected from any accidents or potential collisions on the road. After getting the right insurance cover, drivers will be at complete peace of mind that they and their passengers are safe while making pickups & drop-offs, no matter what.


Things You Need to Know About Chauffeur Insurance

For most chauffeurs, driving is the only source of income. You earn when your vehicle is on the road and the days when you are off the road, it means the lost income. The worst thing is that else of losing income, this thing spoils your reputation and thus your long-term clients get affected. However, getting insurance protects you at the moment when your vehicle come across an accident and you need your vehicle to be repaired.

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Insurance provides you with the vehicle of the same class when yours is being fixed. This makes you able to continue your work when your usual car is at the repairing center.

If you got fractures while driving and are not able to drive for a certain period of time then disruption of earning insurance/ personal accident cover will help you to give a cash payout, that makes you able to still pay your bills.

If you are driving high-class luxurious vehicles i.e. chauffeur cars there are some points you need to understand about insurance for chauffeur vehicles;

Difference B/W Chauffeur Insurance and Private Hire Insurance:

Chauffeur Insurance is a type of private hire insurance that allows you to meet the legal requirements for insurance that ensures you to cover advance fee-paying passengers. Insurance for chauffeur vehicles has been devised to meet the specific demands of chauffeurs who are driving the luxury vehicles from the elite Rolls Royce to the Mercedes V-Class van.

If you drive passengers somewhere for money, standard car insurance won’t be valid even if you’ve declared the coverage for business use. For the passengers who have pre-booked your vehicle, for that you need private hire vehicle insurance.

Different Types of Covers:

There are various types of insurance covers that are based on your requirement as well as the budget you can afford. However, every cover is very how designed to give you financial peace of mind if something wrong happens. For instance, private hire vehicle insurance coverage may include; public liability insurance, commercial buildings insurance, breakdown cover, prestige car fleet insurance, legal expenses cover, and personal accident cover, etc.

Do Search for Insurance Companies:

While looking for insurance the company, you may find the one that is specialised in taxi insurance or private hire vehicle insurance and maybe they are not comfortable with modified or high-value vehicles like yours. That means a higher premium price! As a result, having an insurance company who understands the risks of being a chauffeur will make you better able to secure a better-priced deal.

What Type of Taxi Insurance Is Best for You?

Choosing the right taxi insurance is not that straightforward as finding regular car insurance. It can be quite daunting as to get the right insurance cover you need to consider a lot of factors such as; you, your livelihood, passengers, pedestrians and passers-by.


A specialist taxi insurance broker is highly experienced in pairing their customers with insurance as per their needs and requirements. Policyholders require them to find a deal within their budget ensuring that they are getting the right cover with the additional products they require.

Here, we have compiled some essentials that you need to consider when deciding the type of insurance that is right for you;

Different Types of Insurance:

Which type of insurance you want to choose for your vehicle is not that simple of picking the one that coincides with the name of your operations. For example, Chauffeur Insurance demonstrates the type of policy catered towards an executive model such as; BMWs and Jaguars differ widely from what is required from a standard private hire vehicle.

The type of taxi you own or the one you are in charge of will determine the type of insurance you need. For instance, are you a public or private hire taxi driver? Do you need minibus or black cab insurance?

Why Is Taxi Insurance So Important?

It is immensely vital to consider that’s why it’s so important that taxi drivers must have the correct insurance for their needs. All motorists need to be insured with third-party insurance being the minimum legal requirement, according to the Road Traffic Act 1988. With the blanket requirements obligatory for every driver, taxi drivers need to consider few other things involving; drivers are licensed by the local authority, all taxis in a fleet are insured, and deciding what add-ons you want for your policy.

What type of taxi you drive, your vehicle is an asset to you. Protecting it by getting the right taxi insurance as per your needs is clearly of the topmost importance. Anyhow, accidents and passenger injuries may occur at any time, so it is vital to check that taxi insurance covers all the eventualities including; vandalism, fire, theft, personal injury, third-party liability, accidental damage, as well as damage to property.

How Much Does Taxi Insurance Cost?

What type of taxi insurance you choose will ultimately determine how much it will cost. It also depends on the factors like; safe driving, how much miles you do cover, location, safety devices, and no claim bonus. This factor impact largely on the premium price you’ll pay.

What Is the Role of Chauffeur Insurance in A Community?

Insurance is a way to protect your business from any sort of financial losses. An organization or the person who gives insurance is known as an insurance company, insurer, underwriter or insurance carrier. And the person who buys or takes insurance is known as a policyholder.


Taking car insurance is a lawful obligation and it protects you from various losses. In the event of your car being dented, an insurance cover will protect you from the financial defines. During the happening of the accident, it is responsible to cover for wounds to other chauffeurs, pedestrians or travelers, and their belongings. Insurance is held liable to support you from financial damages, in the event of an accident.

What if I’m Not Insured, Insured and Indemnified?

Driving without car or chauffeur’s insurance is against law and you will be charged a fine if you don’t have Chauffeur Car Insurance for not being associated with an insurance policy. You will not have to pay just fine, but you can also be penalized or prohibited from driving. You have to pay a heavy fine and you may also get six to eight penalty points on your license which is not good from the criminal viewpoint. At present, the Government is trying to revise fines for uninsured chauffeurs who killed or caught in accidents. Police are also liable to abolish or grasp any vehicle being driven without protection.

Cost of Car or Chauffeur’s Insurance:

Your insurance premium is based on a number of factors including your age limit, location, and which car are you driving? Your business or profession, where will you keep your car when you will not be using, and were you found guilty in any condemned motor crimes? By compensation a higher surplus, you can lower your premium, that is the amount you have to interject by balancing a claim you create.

No-Claims Bonus:

you won’t get a due on your chauffeur’s or car insurance for every year if you make no claims. Earning a no claim bonus up to 10 years can give you discounts up to 75%. In addition, if in an event of an accident that wasn’t your mistake, this will protect you from any losses. You need to warn your broker about the accident you’re involved in, even if you don’t attain a claim.

Why is Insurance Necessary?

Insurance is necessary as it covers the cost of your vehicle that has caused injuries or damages to the drivers, pedestrians or passengers. According to the Road Traffic Act 1988 of London, all chauffeurs must be protected in contradiction of their responsibility to other individuals. Hence, Chauffeur Insurance is the biggest caring hand behind you if you get involved in an accident. Insurance may also provide financial care if your car is destroyed or demolished by fire or even stolen.

What Role Plays by Chauffeur Insurance in a Community?


Taking car insurance is a lawful obligation and with the correct level of protection, delivers financial defense in the event of your car being dented. It will also be responsible for cover for wounds to other chauffeurs, travellers or pedestrians, and their belongings. Accidents occur, so it’s supportive to see that you’re protected financially if you’re tangled in one.


Why is insurance necessary?

Having car insurance is vital because it covers your costs if your vehicle is causing to damage or injuries to other drivers, passengers or pedestrians. All chauffeurs must be protected in contradiction of their responsibility to other individuals, as agreed in the Road Traffic Act 1988 of London. Chauffeur Insurance is the biggest caring hand that is behind you when you have committed any accident.  Insurance can also deliver financial care if your car is stolen, destroyed or demolished by fire.

What if I’m not insured, insured and indemnified?

Driving without car or chauffeur’s insurance is unlawful. If you are not associated with any covered policy, you could be penalized or prohibited from driving. The supreme fine is limitless, plus you’ll obtain six to eight penalty points on your license which is negative from the criminal viewpoint. The Government is presently revising fines for uninsured chauffeurs who kill or are tangled in accidents.  The police also have the control to grasp and abolish any vehicle being motivated without protection.

How is the cost of car or chauffeur’s insurance operated?

Your premium is based on a number of features, including your age limit, your location, which car you are driving? Your profession or business, where you will keep your car and were you involved in any condemned motor crimes. You can frequently lower your premium by compensating a higher surplus, which is the amount you have to interject towards the rate of a claim you create.

No-claims Bonus

For every year you don’t get a due on your chauffeur’s or car insurance, you’ll earn an ages no-claims bonus (maximum 9 years). This no-claims bonus is then explained into a discount at regeneration, although a discount in premium is not always certain should there be an alteration in your situations or the markets. Frequently, this will keep on unbroken if you make due for an accident that wasn’t your mistake. You must always warn your broker of any accidents you’re encompassed in, even if you don’t attain a claim.