Things You Need to Know About Chauffeur Insurance

For most chauffeurs, driving is the only source of income. You earn when your vehicle is on the road and the days when you are off the road, it means the lost income. The worst thing is that else of losing income, this thing spoils your reputation and thus your long-term clients get affected. However, getting insurance protects you at the moment when your vehicle come across an accident and you need your vehicle to be repaired.

Handsome man holding car door for beautiful businesswoman

Insurance provides you with the vehicle of the same class when yours is being fixed. This makes you able to continue your work when your usual car is at the repairing center.

If you got fractures while driving and are not able to drive for a certain period of time then disruption of earning insurance/ personal accident cover will help you to give a cash payout, that makes you able to still pay your bills.

If you are driving high-class luxurious vehicles i.e. chauffeur cars there are some points you need to understand about insurance for chauffeur vehicles;

Difference B/W Chauffeur Insurance and Private Hire Insurance:

Chauffeur Insurance is a type of private hire insurance that allows you to meet the legal requirements for insurance that ensures you to cover advance fee-paying passengers. Insurance for chauffeur vehicles has been devised to meet the specific demands of chauffeurs who are driving the luxury vehicles from the elite Rolls Royce to the Mercedes V-Class van.

If you drive passengers somewhere for money, standard car insurance won’t be valid even if you’ve declared the coverage for business use. For the passengers who have pre-booked your vehicle, for that you need private hire vehicle insurance.

Different Types of Covers:

There are various types of insurance covers that are based on your requirement as well as the budget you can afford. However, every cover is very how designed to give you financial peace of mind if something wrong happens. For instance, private hire vehicle insurance coverage may include; public liability insurance, commercial buildings insurance, breakdown cover, prestige car fleet insurance, legal expenses cover, and personal accident cover, etc.

Do Search for Insurance Companies:

While looking for insurance the company, you may find the one that is specialised in taxi insurance or private hire vehicle insurance and maybe they are not comfortable with modified or high-value vehicles like yours. That means a higher premium price! As a result, having an insurance company who understands the risks of being a chauffeur will make you better able to secure a better-priced deal.

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