Know More About Black Cab

Black cab is also known cab, hack, London taxi, hackney carriage or Hackney. High class or expensive sort of Hackney is known as remise. If you are working as a black cab driver then this would be definitely a rewarding and lively job for you. All the drivers that are working as black cab drivers are self-employed. Therefore we get a clear idea that being a black cab driver you have a facility that you can work at any time. You are not bound to do your shift at a specific time. If you are available at night then you can work freely at that time and if you are free in the morning then you are free to work, there is no restriction.

Black Cab Insurance

So as you are working as a taxi driver then it is essential for you to have insurance for your taxi. Insurance is a means of protection that keeps you safe from any sort of financial loss or damage. You could also choose Black Cab Insurance services, for example, there comes a condition where you face any danger or damage or loss, so if you are insured fully then you would be protected fully.


There are some requirements which you are supposed to meet.

  • Firstly your age must be 21 years or above that.
  • You should not have any criminal record and it’s mandatory to have a good character if you want to work as a black cab driver.
  • After this you have to pass the medical test, in which there would be hearing tests, reaction tests and other essential health tests will be taken.
  • All the taxi drivers are required to know about all the best and easy routes for their customers. Plus your mind must be sharp, you need to have a good memory and active mind.
  • If you are working as a taxi driver, then you must be capable enough to handle all the money and communication with your customers. You might face many customers who are drunk or angry and for this, you need to have a lot of patience and politeness. Your behavior must be good and you should be smart enough to deal with these customers.  All the taxi drivers should also know about how to deal with the customers who are disabled.


There are people who often take 3 to 5 years to complete their study and testing of knowledge. In this test, the foremost things which they see that is if the applicant is aware of all the routes or not. They would get to know that if you know the location of hotels, pubs, buildings, and restaurants etc.


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