Steps You Need to Take to Become Black Cab Driver

If you are thinking to start a career as a black cab driver, at that point you’ve likely understood that there’s something more that you must follow to drive a black cab. Notwithstanding getting a private hire black cab driver license, you’ll need your own taxi just as a black cab protection policy. There are some important steps you must experience before you’re ready to legally work as a black cab driver.


Getting Insurance:

Like another vehicle must get insurance, same is with the black cab. Black cab driver must have a Black Cab Insurance that will protect you from loss.

Some important insurance options with a black cab insurance policy are:

Third Party

This is the most important and basic policy. This policy only covers the other person vehicle if you blame for a collision.


This is the best choice if you want to protect your cab. It will also protect you if you are involved in an accident.

Public Liability

Liability claims are dependably a risk so you should get this kind of cover when you drive a black cab.

Getting a License:

The initial step to turning into a black cab driver is to get a private hire license. The necessities for getting a private hire license will change depending upon which part of the nation you live. Anyway, below are some important things that you should complete before start working as a driver– You should be at least 21 years old. You should hold a full UK driver’s license. You should be legitimately ready to work in the UK. You should pass the medical test.

If you are going to earn money as a black cab driver in London, at that point you’ll have to pass the most important test that is compulsory to pass, known as “The Knowledge”. This will show that you have enough knowledge regarding your local area, and you know much about the traffic rules.

Getting A Vehicle:

When you have your public hire license, you’ll obviously need to get your very own taxi.

Many black cab drivers claim their vehicle and work as a self-employed. If you would prefer not to focus on purchasing your very own taxi at first, at that point you may have the alternative to get it on rent, depending upon where you look.

While getting your very own taxi, it’s important that you guarantee it’s fit for the street and in great condition, all around. Remember that the safety of your travelers is your duty while they’re in your vehicle.


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